Start Looking For Your Ideal Summer Job

Spring is here, which means the winter semester is nearing its end and you need to figure out what you’re doing once school finishes. One option is to get a job — but where do you even start?

Make the Most of Winter in Waterloo with These Activities

Winter is usually when we Netflix & Freeze Our Asses Off for an extended period of time. Although, because we live in Canada, there are actually a lot of winter activities available that can get us […]

Rez One Security Features That Will Keep You Feeling Safe In Your Suite

When you move away from home to live on your own and attend a new school in a city you’ve never lived in before, there are a lot of stresses and concerns. Don’t let your safety be one of those […]

How To Have Fun On A Budget In Waterloo

When you pair tuition and textbook fees with food and toiletry costs, you realize that being a student leaves little room in the budget for fun things.Friday night dinners, coffees, clothes and take […]

What To Look For In Student Housing

It is hard enough leaving home to start a new life in a new city, at a school you don’t know anyone at. Throw in having to hunt for a new place, and you’ve reached almost the of peak university […]

How To Get Back In School Mode After Winter Break

The winter break is packed with many celebrations and spontaneous catch-ups with friends. This makes for a great time, but also gets you used to a lack of structure or planning. It’s always fun […]

Best Places To Study Near Rez-One

We know, being productive can be hard. It doesn’t matter if you are studying for a quiz, midterm, exam, or even preparing for a presentation — when you sit down to work, everything else becomes 10 […]

11 Waterloo Instagram Accounts Every Student Needs To Follow

Social media has the impressive power of connecting us with one another, and also informing us. Take a second to think about how much time you spend on social media -- especially Instagram. Our feeds […]

No Job? No Problem

These day's it's become the norm for college students to find a part-time job while they're in school. A study by Georgetown Universty found that 70% - nearly 14 million students - are working while […]

14 Faces of New Years Eve

1. The "I dressed up but have no plans" Face

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