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No Job? No Problem

Apr 23 ,2018
Rez One Team

These day's it's become the norm for college students to find a part-time job while they're in school. A study by Georgetown Universty found that 70% - nearly 14 million students - are working while trying to earn their degree.

Does that mean that you need a job while in school? Should you have to feel bad to not work in school and spend the time focusing on your studies? NO! If you don't need to work during college, then don't and

There are several reasons why it's okay not to work while in school, and we'll cover some of them below.

You're Probably Not Paying Your Loans

College students used to work their way through school as a way to help ease the burden on themselves after they graduate.

Now student loans are pricier than ever, so paying for college with a part-time job is nearly impossible. Even though most of the student body is working part-time, they're doing it for walking around money rather than a way to get a headstart on their loans. While working can be an attractive way to earn a bit of beer money, it probably won't have a big effect on your long-term financial stability.

Limiting Yourself Too Early

If you're a student currently, we'll let you in on a secret... Your future is going to be filled with "I can't, I have to work." College is supposed to be the time where you can let go, do what you want, and explore the world.

If you have a job - especially in the summer - you might miss out on some once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make memories with your friends. When you get older, these changes are unavoidable. You can limit them when you're young, though.

You shouldn't have to skip a trip of a lifetime because you have to stock shelves at a grocery store. In all likelihood, your part-time job won't mean much to you or anyone else five years in the future. A trip south of the border for spring break is a memory that lasts a lifetime, though.

It Likely Won't Help Your Career

Bottom line here, if you land yourself a paid summer internship at a company that you admire,  take the job. 

Most students work for the college in some capacity, work at a local restaurant, or at a store in the area. If you have dreams of using your degree to attain professional heights, these jobs likely aren't helping you get there.

Your future adult career job isn't going to care about your part-time waitressing job - unless you're dreaming of becoming a bartender. There are some skills from these part-time jobs you could translate to say, an office position. Still, it won't be the make-or-break factor on whether or not you land your first professional job. If you think a part-time job while studying is helping your resume, you're almost certainly wrong. In fact, it could be harming your future job prospects.

If you want to make an impact on your resume as a student, it's a better idea to volunteer for something in whichever field in which you want to work.

You're Impacting Your Studies

Having no job during your college years means you have more time to dedicate to your studies. You'll be able to give more attention to your homework, and have more time to spend studying for big exams. A lot of employers have a "school comes first" attitude, but try calling out of a shift with the excuse of having to study.

Like we stated above, no job you apply for in the future is going to care much about part-time retail or waiting gigs. They will, however, care about your dedication to schooling. When applying for a job in your major, internships are your best friend. Having a better understanding of your field than other applicants is the best way get you through the door. If you have no job throughout your college life, you have more time to spend studying and understanding what your future jobs require.

Unnecessary Stress

College has a funny way of being one of the most and least stressful times in a person's life. Although the average college student only has a few responsibilities to worry about, the stress from the actual school work is crazy enough. Once you graduate and enter the "real world," responsibilities start to pile up.

You'll have to work, pay rent, save money for the future, and worry about advancing professionally. When finals and large projects come around, though, college can be extremely stressful. There sometimes aren't enough hours in a day, especially if you play a sport on top of your schooling. Injecting a job into the mix only adds more stress to your life. You don't need the extra pressure of getting to work on time to create sleepless nights.

Not Everyone Has This Luxury

We understand that some kids need to work their way through school. You or your parents may not be able to afford to bankroll your college spending habits for four years.

You might even feel guilty asking your parents for money, knowing that you'll probably spend it on late-night snacks and beer on the weekend. With this article, we're simply saying that working during college is no longer ideal. It used to be a practical way to help pay your bills. Now working during college is a recipe for stress and fewer hours spent in the library or enjoying your free time. 

No Job is Worth Losing Quality College Time

You shouldn't feel bad about not having a job during college. If your friends make fun of you, know that they're only jealous. You'll have plenty of time to work once you leave school. Anyone who has graduated from college will tell you that you should cherish your time there. Learn what you can, and make the most out of your youth.

College is a unique time where kids experience freedom for the first time, with very few responsibilities to hinder them. You'll never have another time in your life that's like this one, so you might as well make the most of it while you can.

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