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Best Places To Study Near Rez-One

Nov 27 ,2018
Rez One Team

We know, being productive can be hard. It doesn’t matter if you are studying for a quiz, midterm, exam, or even preparing for a presentation — when you sit down to work, everything else becomes 10 times more distracting. It’s like the more you know you need to get work done, the harder it becomes to focus.

This is why study spaces are imperative. It can be hard to stay focused studying in your suite, especially if you are confined to your bedroom because all your roomates are home.

We’re here to share some of our favourite places to study near the Rez-One Buildings:


blair study3

Rez-One Study Room

Did you know that all Rez-One buildings have study rooms? It can be hard to concentrate when you’re cooped up in your suite or in your room. This is why these rooms are ideal for getting work done! You get the best of both worlds; they are quiet while also providing the comfort of being surrounded by people. It doesn’t matter how many, even if there’s just a couple other students doing their thing. The best part? These rooms give you the illusion of leaving your home and being productive, while only being an elevator room away from your suite!



Cafe’s are a perfect place for studying. You can grab a coffee and do your thing, or invite a friend out with you for a quick bite and productive work session! Balzac’s is also at the base of Blair house that’s an ideal situation if we’ve ever heard one.


Ken Sushi

This sushi joint has a lounge area, making it the perfect place to meet up with a friend for a lunch study date. After all, you’ll need some fuel before hitting the books. Did we mention that the restaurant is at the bottom of Blair House?


University Of Waterloo’s Dana Porter Library

Our Blair & Fergus Houses are a short walk away from the University of Waterloo. This makes their libraries easily accessible at any time, from early morning study sessions to late night cramming. Dana Porter is the largest library on campus, and its first floor offers optimal natural light, and big tables. It’s also worth mentioning that the library offers group study rooms that you can book out with a group of study buddies.


24-Hour Lounge

Bridgeport & Preston Houses are both only an 11 minute walk from the Wilfred Laurier campus, making them quite close to the 24-Hour lounge. Open you guessed it 24 hours, this study space is on second floor of the Fred Nichols Campus Centre. It has computers, group study rooms, and a food court. Hello late night study snacks!


Arts Hub

This open space on the Waterloo campus is packed with desks, and has food and drink options steps away. The tables have outlets, and it’s a good alternative if you’re not necessarily a person who will be productive in a quiet library or designated study space.  


Coffee Culture

This cafe is a little further from the residences (roughly a 25 minute walk from all four buildings), but the nice thing about this study spot is that because it’s out of site, it’s out of mind. It doesn’t get packed at peak study times, which means you’ll have no problems finding a place to settle down. There’s different seating options, from a table to take notes to leather chairs to kick back and get reading done. There’s also free wifi!


ES Coffee Shop Lounge

This coffee shop on the Waterloo University campus provides the perfect atmosphere for getting some studying in between classes. Plus, you can indulge in gluten free and vegan treats while you’re getting your study on!


Waterloo Public Library

University campus libraries are usually packed with hardworking (or barely working) students. If you seek a library atmosphere but find campus libraries to busy, try out the city library!


Empty Classrooms

The best place to study on campus are empty classrooms that have the door open you’ll likely be on your own, and you can use chalkboards or whiteboards if needed! Because all Rez-One buildings are so close to campus, tenants will be able to get to and from easily, which means that you can be on campus any time of day and not need to worry about a commute home!


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