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The 5 Best Apps for Staying Organized In School

Apr 02 ,2020
Rez One Team

There are a lot of deadlines, assignment sheets, costs, schedules, and general life responsibilities that come with being a student. The worst part? These responsibilities and tasks just continue to pile up, making it harder and harder to “get your s*** together.”

Fortunately, there are easier ways to get your life on track — and no, we don’t mean abandoning all responsibilities and turning on Netflix (although tempting during quarantine). There are so many great, affordable apps out there that make it a lot easier to organize your time, prioritize your tasks, and get more done.

With the right app, you can stay organized and on track so that you can get everything done easier and faster. These are the best organization apps for students that you need to download ASAP:




1. Evernote for Taking Notes & Storing Documents

Cost: Free Basic Account or Paid Premium Account ( $5/month or $45 per year for more space)

Keeping your notes organized is a challenge in school when you are attending or watching lecture after lecture and saving countless files of notes to your laptop. With Evernote, you can effectively organize all your notes and have a place for everything.

You can either take notes directly in the app or scan handwritten notes and handouts to add them to a folder. If you have classes where you can take videos of lectures or presentations, you can also upload those videos to your app.

The Evernote app makes it easy to store any kind of documentation whether it be notes, paperwork receipts, bills or payments. You can also make calendars and set a to-do list to keep you on track.

Download Evernote from the app store here.
Download Evernote from the Google Play store here.



2. Remember the Milk for Organizing Daily Responsibilities

Cost: Free Basic Account or Paid Pro Account ($3/per month or $25 per year for push notifications)

Remember the Milk is an organizational app that allows you to build to-do lists that are separated by type of task. You can associate tasks with school, maintaining your suite, family, social engagements, errands, etc. The app allows you to even use GPS so that you can identify the “task “ on your list that is in closest proximity and can be most easily achieved i.e. studying at the nearest library or buying milk at the nearby grocery store.

The app integrates with your calendar and Siri and can send you notifications via text message, instant messenger, or email.

Download Remember the Milk from the app store here.
Download Remember the Milk from the Google Play store here.



3. iStudiezPro for Keeping Track of Class Schedule & GPA

Cost: Free Basic Account or Pro version ($2.99 mobile, $10 desktop)

iStudiez allows you to input your class schedule so that you never forget where you need to be, or when, ever again. The app lets you set reminders and keep track of deadlines and test dates.

While the app lets you keep track of your day to day schedule and tasks, it also helps you keep track of your grades. Input your grades as you get the results for your tests and assignments, and the app will calculate your GPA and help you monitor your progress.

Download iStudiez Pro from the app store here.
Download iStudiez Pro from Google Play Store here.





4: My Study Life for Overall Planning & Consolidated Information

Cost: Free

With My Study Life, you can put everything in one place. The app lets you store notes, class schedules, information about assignments, contact information for professors and program administrators, and more.

You can use this app across mobile and desktop depending on your preferences. The app will keep you organized by keeping all your essential information in one place and will notify you of unfinished tasks, upcoming classes, when to study for exams, and impending deadlines.

Download My Study Life from the app store here.
Download My Study Life from Google Play Store here.





5. Taskful for Gamifying Your Tasks

Cost: Free Basic Account or Premium Account ( $5/month for ask sharing, app integration, & syncing)

It can be hard to stay organized and be on top of your tasks when you aren’t feeling motivated. Taskful motivates you by gamifying your tasks. The app lets you input all of your tasks and responsibilities, and then creates a progress bar for you to complete every day.

The relatively new app is geared towards setting goals and establishing long-term plans. You can create more short term subtasks that will fill up your taskbar as they are completed, which makes for a great personal challenge!

Download Taskful from the app store here.
Download Taskful from Google Play Store here.


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