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How to Grocery Shop on a Budget as a Student

May 28 ,2019
Rez One Team

There’s nothing like living on your own to teach you the harsh reality of just how expensive food can be. Unfortunately, as a university student you don't typically have an abundance of money and time to put towards your meals — but buying meals on campus is not necessarily a cost-effective solution to this problem.

When it comes to grocery shopping as a student, it’s all about knowing what stores have the best prices on particular items, the best days to go shopping and, well, convenience. That said, it’s essential to have places nearby you can grocery shop at because let’s be honest — grocery shopping is a mission as is without having to travel far to do it.

Fortunately, there are various grocery options to satisfy your budget eating needs:


Grocery Stores:



Where: 450 Erb St W

How Far: 15-minute walk from Fergus house

In addition to having access to reasonably priced produce, Zehr’s also allows students to rack up savings every week with their 10% off on Tuesdays.


Waterloo Central Supermarket

Where: Campus Court Plaza, 140 University Ave W,

How Far: 5-minute walk from Fergus house

Be sure to check out Waterloo Central Supermarket’s flyers to see what items are discounted on any given week! The grocery store offers brand name grocery products at a competitive price, carries the budget-friendly no name brand, and has been around for over five decades!

Student's Smart Shop

Where: 280 Lester St Unit 113

How Far: 8-minute walk from Blair House

The fact is in the name folks. This grocery store is the perfect place for students to, well, shop smart! Students can make the most of the shop’s fresh deli meat, fresh produce and in-store bakery. Specially geared to students on the go, the store also provides budget choices that are healthy, as well as a varied frozen food section.





Flipp is the ultimate savings app! This app lets you identify certain products and where you can get them for the best price. 


Grocery Gateway 

Sometimes the struggle with grocery shopping isn't only budget, it's time. The Grocery Gateway app lets you put through grocery orders through Longos to have them delivered straight to your door!


Meal Kit Delivery Services

Get fresh ingredients for full meals already prepared and measured with a food delivery service! Available food delivery services in Waterloo include:

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