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Your Spring Waterloo To-Do List

May 21 ,2019
Rez One Team

Second semester has come to a close, and the long-awaited warmer weather is here (or at least on its way… we hope.) Whether you are gearing up for a summer job or summer courses, there is no denying that the air is smelling a lot fresher, and your time is a lot freer.

Spring is without a doubt the best time to really explore Waterloo. Without harsh weather conditions keeping you indoors, take the time to discover some exciting things to do in the city.

From outdoor patios to adventurous hangout spots, there's a lot to do in Waterloo in the spring that will make you feel lucky that you get to call this city home. If you’re looking for something different to do, try hitting up some of these spots:

Where to Eat: The Crazy Canuck

Nothing says spring quite like BBQ does. The Crazy Canuck is hot BBQ spot in Waterloo known for its throwback vibes. Oh, and it serves gourmet pizzas and specialty poutine too! The restaurant's delicious food paired with its good prices and cozy atmosphere makes it the perfect casual lunch date location.


Where to Drink: Huether Hotel

There’s a lot to love about this brewery that was once a hotel. The spot is perfect for a Friday night hangout, considering it’s actually an amalgamation of multiple spots.

Huether Hotel is actually comprised of The Lion Brewery Restaurant, Barley Works (the main restaurant) Cafe 1842 (the coffee shop) and The Jazz Room (for live performances). What can we say? It’s a one-stop shop...that happens to have great beers on tap and a killer patio.


Where to Hang: BATL Axe Throwing

There is nothing wrong with hanging out with your friends at your place — but sometimes you want to do something with your friends that’s not going out for dinner or a movie. Next time you plan a big group outing, try BATL Axe throwing in Waterloo! Get your rage out, get competitive and try something new!


Where to Walk: GeoTime Trails

Grab a friend, and make a date to go for a walk or bike ride! We’ve been cooped up inside for so long thanks to our never-ending winter, so why not get outside? Fortunately, Waterloo is home to tons of scenic walking trails. Specifically, the city has over 150 km of off-road and multi-use trails.

That said, it’s intimidating to identify the best trail to walk. We suggest the GeoTime trails, which boasts 4km of trails and is an engaging educational journey as well as a refreshing activity.

Along the trails, there are illustrations of the major geological events that have taken place there.  There are 18 signs in total to look out for.

Every metre of every individual trail represents the passage of one million years of time and each trail displays when catastrophic events occurred. This trail is basically an interactive history lesson that will keep you learning while you’re moving. The trail even has a sundial for telling time!

Where to Shop: St. Jacob Outlets

The outdoor St. Jacob Outlet Mall has great deals and there’s usually a lot of things going on outside the mall when the weather gets better! You can get great deals from notable brands like Levis, Sketchers, Naturalizers  — oh, and Lego. The mall is also beside the St. Jacob Market if you’re looking for food or other market steals.  

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