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Don't Kill Your Roommates

Nov 20 ,2018
Rez One Team

If you spend enough time with someone (i.e. live with them), there comes a time you might consider killing them. Not like, actually kill them, but at least want to yell really loudly at them to put their damn dishes away. So when you start looking for roommates which you’ll want to get on ASAP by the way this is definitely something you’ll need to accept before hand.

We all have our own things that rub us the wrong way. Roommates will at some point get on your nerves, and push every button especially at a high stress time like midterms, exams, during a breakup, or just a general bad week.

Since now is the time to start looking for a roommate (group signings are the quickest to go at Rez-One), do yourself a favour.

Review these tips on how to make your relationship with your roommate as good as it can be. After all, before even meeting your roommate it’s good to have a gameplan.

First, Utilize A System To Help You Find A Roommate Objectively Don’t Room With Your BFF

It can be iffy rooming with someone you have history with — in fact, a lot of bestfriends who roomed together will tell you they don’t talk anymore (true story). Instead, use your university’s student housing group. If you want good roommates, start looking ASAP!


Agree On House Rules


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Everyone has different pet peeves and bad habits. The key is to make sure everyone knows what’s considered not okay (leaving a mountain of dishes in the sink for weeks) and what is okay (writing their name on leftover containers). Make a roommate day dedicated to creating a list of house rules decorate them, and hang them up so no one forgets them! Maybe even sign the rules for good measure. This way, everyone will be held accountable.


Make A Schedule

Especially when you are in school, your schedule is kind of all over the place but that doesn’t mean chores and other things need to fall to the wayside. Make a communal schedule so everyone knows who is taking out the garbage, cleaning up the living room, etc on any given day. If the schedule is in a communal area, every roommate will be able to know who is responsible for what on any given day. This will prevent a lot of conflict if everyone knows what they  have to do.


Have An “Asshole” Jar


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You know on New Girl how every time Schmidt is an ass he has to put money in a jar? Yeah, you need one of those. Bring over a surprise guest? Jar. Leave a massive mess before going home for the weekend? In the jar. Different offences should cost different amounts. Accountability is key and if your roommates have to pay, they probably won’t be assholes.


Take A Breather

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If there is anything we all know, it’s that you say things you regret in the heat of the moment. You’ve heard it 500 times if you’re angry, remove yourself and a take a breather. This is a good time to actually think about how you want to resolve the conflict, and what you want out of confronting your roommate.


Don’t Be Together 24/7


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It’s pretty common for roommates to become inseparable. Honestly, it’s kind of the dream to become best friends with your roommate. Although, it’s not always good to spend every waking moment with someone. While roomie time is always fun and provides a really unique bond, it’s important to make other friends and, well, have a life outside your roommate. It’s easy to get sick of someone or cause friction when you spend too much time together - plus, if you have an argument with your roommate (which you will), it’s important to have other people to talk to and hang out with when you need space away.


Balance What You’ll Share And What’s Yours


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So your mom saved you a little bit of your favourite dish to send home with you write your name on the dish. The worst feeling is having a roommate eat leftovers you were looking forward to all day. That being said if your mom makes you a trough of pasta, it would probably be nice to ask your roommate if they want some. If you don’t want to have constant fights about food with your roommate, achieve a good balance between things that are exclusively yours, and things that you share. If there are things you share (i.e. milk), make sure whoever finishes it last replaces it.


Leave Notes


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People run on different schedules and it can be hard to schedule a roommate meeting at busy times of the year. If you’re out of milk and don’t have a chance to run to the store and replace it, leave some change and a note explaining what happened. Communication is key, even if you are leaving a quick note saying that you plan on having a friend over.


Don’t Be An Asshole

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If you always replace the toilet paper, so will your roommate. If you don’t bring over surprise guests, neither will your roommate. Easy said, easy done.


Just Be Honest


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Don’t let little things fester. If your roommate has a bad habit, nip it in the bud right away before they do the same thing for so long that you explode and it seems like it comes out of nowhere.


Recognize You Will Ultimately Have Moments You Want To Kill One Another

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At the end of the day, what will prevent you from wanting to kill your roommate is remembering that you are both human. You will get on eachothers nerves and the minute you accept that as reality, you will have an easier time dealing with feelings of annoyance and frustration. It happens and you move on. If you take half an hour to yourself after getting pissed off at your roommate you will probably forget why you were irritated in the first place.


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