How To Keep Your Suite Clean When You’re Living Alone

Everyone always says how liberating it is to live away from home — but does anyone ever talk about how hard it can be? Chances are, when you start living by yourself you will be living in your own […]

Did You Know These People Went To School In Waterloo?

Nina Dobrev, Mike Meyers and more went to Ryerson, Margaret Atwood and Malcolm Gladwell went to U of T — there are a lot of famous alumni of Canadian universities. What you may not know, is that a […]

What To Look For In Student Housing

It is hard enough leaving home to start a new life in a new city, at a school you don’t know anyone at. Throw in having to hunt for a new place, and you’ve reached almost the of peak university […]

How To Get Back In School Mode After Winter Break

The winter break is packed with many celebrations and spontaneous catch-ups with friends. This makes for a great time, but also gets you used to a lack of structure or planning. It’s always fun […]

5 Resolutions Students Can Actually Stick To This New Year

New Year's resolutions are notorious for being goals that people never quite stick to. The first week of a new year gyms are packed with those looking to improve their health, and libraries are […]

The Coolest Waterloo Based Companies

 To say it’s hard to find a job out of school, is an understatement to say the least. In fact,  there’s a lot of strategy that goes into searching for a job. A key element in this hunt is where […]

12 Movies To Get You Excited For Winter Break

There’s a lot to love about the winter break: time off school, holiday celebrations, tons of food, sleeping-in, and of course the holiday-centric movies!

The Many Stages Of Studying For Exams

Whoever said that the holiday season is the “most wonderful time of the year,” is clearly not in University or College what comes before the holidays for students is definitely not […]

Best Places To Study Near Rez-One

We know, being productive can be hard. It doesn’t matter if you are studying for a quiz, midterm, exam, or even preparing for a presentation — when you sit down to work, everything else becomes 10 […]

Don't Kill Your Roommates

If you spend enough time with someone (i.e. live with them), there comes a time you might consider killing them. Not like, actually kill them, but at least want to yell really loudly at them to […]

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