Is it a Flower? Is it a Weed? No, It's A Herbal Plant.

On a hot summer day, you can see miles of yellow meadows in the outskirts of Waterloo. They trick you into thinking they are beautiful harmless flowers, but they invade wherever they can. 

Spending Time Outdoors

Have you been feeling that you are not enjoying life as much as you should? Maybe you’re stuck behind the desk or you are facing endless exams. It feels like  you are repeating the same day every […]

Virtual Game Night Ideas

Looking for interesting ways to engage with your friends? We have some great virtual game night ideas for you to try out with your friends. We have adapted them from various talk shows to make it […]

Vegetarian Weekend Cooking Project

If you've been on Tiktok at any point in the last few weeks, you've seen people making the newest trend seitan. With having more time at home,  means more time for new cooking projects.

Studying Effectively: The Pomodoro Technique

Procrastination and Time Management are two things that almost everyone can say they have personally struggled with while living the student life. Needless to say, the last-minute test […]

5 Ways To Create A Better Version Of You

Are you feeling bored during lockdown? Then here are 5 things you could try out to create a better version of you:

Why Do We Want Squeeze Things We Find Cute?

In today’s blog we are going to talk about a random Corgi. So, after seeing a Corgi while walking the other day, my first response to my friend was ‘Ugh so cute, I want to poke it’. I am sure this […]

8 Things To Do During The Provincial Lockdown

Declutter the Marie Kondo Way

Dedicate your new-found time and attention to sorting out your belongings. While many people associate Marie Kondo’s method with tidying, it's really about discarding […]

Personal Development

1. Set yourself some smaller, easily achievable goals

Rez-One Announces Grand Opening of Hespeler House, Phillip Square

Rez-One is proud to announce the grand opening of Hespeler House, its newest residence in Waterloo’s Phillips Square. The new building opened its doors on September 2, 2020, to 476 students for […]

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