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The Best Patios in Waterloo

Aug 27 ,2021
Rez One Team

As we slowly edge closer towards the end of Summer, patio season is starting to wind down. While patios are still open, it’s time to make sure you make every last minute count. Waterloo is home to tons of great patios for coffee, brunch, lunch, drinks, and everything else in between.


There are a lot of factors that make a patio great, the most important being price, vibe and food. The good news is that we’ve compiled a list of the Waterloo patios that have a great balance of these elements that really make them stand out. 


The most important factor that all of these patios share,  is their close proximity to a Rez One Residence. In fact, they are actually all walking distance from a Rez One building!


These are the Waterloo patios that Rez One residents will want to hit up before patio season ends, and they are only a walk away. 

Morty's Pub

Price: $$

Address: 272 King St N, Waterloo 

Proximity to Rez One: 20 minute walk from Hespeler, Blair & Fergus.

Morty's Pub is a sports bar and pub in Waterloo best known for its famous chicken wings and, of course, its stellar patio. The pub’s menu is packed with delicious homemade items like soup, panzerottis, pizzas, burgers and even lasagna.

Proof Kitchen & Lounge

Price: $$$

Address: 110 Erb St W, Waterloo

Proximity to Rez One: 25 minute walk from Hespeler, Blair & Fergus.

Perfect for your indulgent Friday or Saturday night, or even a Sunday lunch, Proof Kitchen & Lounge is a hotel eatery in Uptown Waterloo known for its steaks and weekend brunch. This is a more upscale restaurant that may cost a bit more, but its contemporary vibes are immaculate. 

The restaurant’s rich menu and its sizeable patio makes it an ideal splurge for any special celebration or just because. Oh, and how can we forget -- the patio has a live DJ every Thursday!

The White Rabbit

Price: $$$

Address: 47 King St N, Waterloo

Proximity to Rez One: 25 minute walk from Hespeler, Blair & Fergus.

The White Rabbit is a gastropub serving beers and super trendy vibes every Waterloo student will love. From their craft cocktails to their cool decor to the relaxed atmosphere, this restaurant is a must try. In fact, its patio has its own menu unique from the pub’s indoor dining to match the patio’s casual, intimate energy. The patio is actually all picnic tables!

We should also probably mention that their bar actually has one of the largest bottle selections in Ontario.


Red House

Price: $$

Address: 30 William St W, Waterloo

Proximity to Rez One: 25-30 minute walk from Hespeler, Blair & Fergus.


The Red House is a bistro restaurant located in Uptown Waterloo best known for its fresh food, cocktails, and high quality ingredients. Cozy indoors and out, the bistro offers a great patio complete with umbrella and casual picnic tables for a laid back brunch vibe.

 Fun fact : the restaurant’s chef is actually a graduate from George Brown College!

Beertown Public House Waterloo

Price: $$

Address: Square, 75 King St S Unit 37

Proximity to Rez One: 20-25 minute walk from Hespeler, Blair & Fergus.

This modern beer bar located in the heart of Uptown Waterloo has a full outdoor patio where you’ll love to sit back and relax Thursday or Friday night - or really any night of the week. Perfect for craft beer lovers, this bar offers a rotating bottle and draught menu and features exclusive products you’ll love. 

Those with dietary restrictions will also love that the bar offers gluten free and plant-based menus -- really, there’s something for everyone! Head over to the patio for a beer and casual vibes.

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