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5 Ways To Create A Better Version Of You

Feb 26 ,2021
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Are you feeling bored during lockdown? Then here are 5 things you could try out to create a better version of you:


Discover A New Hobby

Not feeling excited as usual when you’re doing something you have loved for a long time? If this is you, then finding a new hobby that may or may not be related to your current hobbies is a great way to keep your mind active, and energetic during the lockdown. A few ways to get started with teaching yourself a new hobby are: 

  1. Videos from YouTube – the range of videos available is diverse! 
  2. Virtual classes – the types of classes available depend on the type of activity you choose. If you’re unable to find a class, and you love meeting new people or trying new things with the people you like. Then creating a self-teaching group could be a great way to try out your new hobby


Learn a New Skill For Your Career or In General

Take some time to think about skills you wished you had for either your career, school, or in general. For example, improving your typing speed, getting better with excel, enhancing your public speaking, improving your customer service skills and much more. 

With more time on your hands, it is a great time to start working on this and even mastering the skills you want to be excellent at.

Interested in trying this, but not sure how to start? If you’re on this boat don’t worry, talk to you family, friends, professors, supervisors, and/or mentors to help you get started with this.


Build a Routine 

Do you find yourself going to sleep at different times, waking up at different times the next day, or loosing track of the days in the week. If this is something you have found hindering your productivity or contributing to your boredom then building a routine that works best for you by incorporating your commitments, personal time, and leisure time could help you feel better during lockdown.


Take Care of Your Health

Did you feel like you didn’t have the time or the understanding about how to take care of your health? There is no better time like now to start working on improving your physical, mental, and social health. Learn more about how to personalize the general advice you see online and try different things to see what works best for you. Once you have built a system to take care of these three major aspects of your health, you will slowly notice improvements in your overall day-to-day life!



Taking the time to reflect could be a great way to help you organize your thoughts, relax, reset, and be productive the next day. It is also a great way to keep track of your progress if you decide to follow one of the above mentioned points or just serve as a way to help you go through one day at a time and feel good about the small accomplishments while thinking about your future as well.



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