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Virtual Game Night Ideas

Mar 18 ,2021
Rez One Team

Looking for interesting ways to engage with your friends? We have some great virtual game night ideas for you to try out with your friends. We have adapted them from various talk shows to make it easier to play over Zoom, Skype, or any video chat app you like to use:


This is a game you might have seen on the Ellen show in different variations. So we’ve tweaked it a bit to fit you!

How to play – You place a bet that a person can name a certain number of things in a category within 30 secs. The other person can then either mention that their team can say more than the first team or they can challenge the opposite team. The person that gets challenged will have 30 secs to name the things. If they succeed then the opposite team will have to do a dare, if they don’t succeed then the team that lost has to do a dare.

To see what it looks you can watch this video from the Ellen show.

Fun things to try out – instead of getting the losing team to do dares, you could try out different versions like making animal noises, pieing their face, trying a  yoga pose, or anything you and your friends feel like would make it fun!


This is a popular game from The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. This is a game you could play just like on the show or try out some of our fun variations:

How to play – your team member will give you a random word and a song. You have to sing the song using the one word you’re given and get your team to guess the song.

To see what it looks like watch this video from the Jimmy Fallon show.


Fun things to try out – you could add imitating the singer’s voice and style while singing, or sing it like a concert performance by making it up on the spot



Spill your guts or fill your guts:

Another well-known game from The Late Late Show with James Corden that could be challenging to play like the show so we have included some creative options for you to try out:


How to play – You may or may not want to have food items as extreme as the show does so you could tweak it by mixing foods that you don’t like eating together.


To see what it look like watch this video from The Late Late Show with James Corden.


Fun things to try out – you could eat something very spicy and increase the spiciness as the game continues or eat something very bitter and increase the bitterness as the game continues



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