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The Coolest Waterloo Based Companies

Dec 20 ,2018
Rez One Team

 To say it’s hard to find a job out of school, is an understatement to say the least. In fact,  there’s a lot of strategy that goes into searching for a job. A key element in this hunt is where you live, and how accessible opportunities are.

We’d say that Waterloo is a pretty good place to be when looking for a job; with a handful of established companies and an active hub for start up companies to form and thrive. After all, the Toronto Waterloo Region Corridor ranks among the world’s top 20 technology clusters.

New graduates don’t always know where to look or what the opportunities in their city are, which is why we’re here to help you prepare!

We compiled a list of some of the coolest companies based in Waterloo that you should definitely look into if you already haven't:




KiK Interactive is the Canadian company responsible for creating a variety of mobile apps that allow users to share and create media. Most notably the company developed KiK, a free instant messaging system that can be used on both Android and iOS systems.

The business’ trendy office plays into a co-working team mentality with its open concept, and even has a gym! Glassdoor also indicates that the office has its own mascot — a super cute pup!


Diva International

Around since 2003, Diva International is the force behind the Diva Cup a reusable menstrual cup product. Changing the lives of women in over 29 countries, this eco-friendly product has received a massive following and has made a significant impact on females and female hygiene. The company shows no signs of slowing down, having ranked on the 2017 PROFIT 500 list.



This Emmy-Award winning tech company (yes, you ready that right Emmy) is at the forefront of video streaming. The company is the developer of a real-time viewer intelligence platform the world's first, ever! The platform ensures that the bandwidth of video sent to a device from a variety of distributors is optimal to ensure the best quality for any specific device.

This company is breaking barriers and setting us far ahead in video technology. Now boasting 40 passionate employees, this is a company on the rise.



 Google has offices all over the world, including in Waterloo! This company may not technically be based in the city, but Waterloo is home to its engineering headquarters. As expected, the office is vibrant and welcoming with ample perks.


Sleeman Breweries Limited

Waterloo is home to Sleeman Breweries, Canada’s third largest national brewery. Our favourite thing about this company? It provides tuition subsidies of up to $4000 a year. Sleeman cares about it’s employees — it even provides assistance for retirement planning!

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc.


That’s right, Toyota’s Canada-based automotive manufacturer is headquartered in Waterloo. We love how the city is home to a lot of tech companies, but overall boasts a wide variety of businesses in different industries.

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