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Staying in Waterloo this Summer? Here Are Three Outdoor Patios You Need to Try

May 14 ,2018
Rez One Team

Ethel’s Lounge


Keeping it real since 1994, Ethels Lounge is definitely the legendary pub-grub staple of Waterloo locals. Packed with retro signs, pool tables, and even the odd pinball machine or two, Ethels Lounge offers a true 1990’s experience in the Waterloo area.

Ethels Lounge offers a relaxed atmosphere, doubled as a quirky tavern with retro flair, and is a great escape from the traditional bars University/College students will be used to in the downtown core. Offering classic pub grub & a menu of Tex-Mex staples like nachos, with Ethels Lounge, you really can’t go wrong.

Side note: Four tacos for a toonie with the purchase of a drink on Tuesdays :)




The name speaks for itself. Beertown is a local-watering hole for Beer, and all kinds of alcoholic staples for students and professionals alike in downtown Waterloo. What makes Beertown truly unique is its offerings of local craft beers. Featuring the traditional go-to’s such as Mill Street brewery, BeerTown even provides for the self claimed ‘beer connoisseurs’ with original brews such as Waterloo & Cambridge Porter. Whatever your tastes, Beertown has a beer (or drink) for you.

Designated driving? Well you’re not meant to suffer after all. Beertown offers some truly killer flatbread, and what is described as ‘super tasty’ ribs. All of which, can of course be enjoyed on their outdoor patio.


Huether Hotel


Don’t be fooled by the name. Huether Hotel is described as ‘the best outdoor patio in Waterloo.’ Being raised, the double H offers guests a break from the traditional side of the road patio & bar. You can even go the day without smelling like sunscreen with umbrellas covering your sensitive skin.

The Huether Hotel offers a wide variety of mixed drinks served in some wicked mason jars, which pair with their artichoke dip just fine.


If you’re not in the mood for an outdoor patio, Rez-One offers an in-house sushi restaurant. Simply head over to Blair House, and keep an eye out for ‘Ken Sushi.’ Offering traditional Japanese staples, there’s nothing you won’t like.




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