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Why Fall Is The Best Time For Students In Waterloo

Sep 13 ,2018
Rez One Team

Don’t get us wrong, Waterloo is a great place for students all year long… but, there’s something extra special about fall in the city. Whether you go to Laurier, Waterloo or Conestoga, fall is a great time to be on campus socializing and enjoying your time between classes.

From the changing leaves to Oktoberfest, there is a lot to love about the city at this time of year. Here’s what makes autumn the best time to be a student in Waterloo:


The Campuses Are So Pretty!

Walking from one class to the other is that much more enjoyable when the campus is full of trees with leaves changing colour. Plus, the scenery makes for the perfect Instagram shot. 


It’s Perfect Weather For Studying Outside

Fall is the most picturesque time to be at school. A lot of students spend this season studying outside, or sitting on a bench enjoying coffee with a friend. With the weather a perfect balance between breezy and warm, there’s no better time to be outside.


Watching School Sporting Events

Go Warriors! There’s nothing quite like watching a game with friends after class or on a weekend in the fall. Check out the event listings at Wilfred Laurier  and the University Of Waterloo to find out upcoming games!



We love that one of the year’s most prominent events takes place in Waterloo! The festival is a perfect outing for you and your friends after a long week of classes. Last year’s Oktoberfest was packed with fun events, and we know this year will be too! The best part? You don’t even need to stray far to enjoy the event! Bingemans holds the largest Oktoberfest event that closest to our off-campus buildings.


Daylight Savings Time = Sleep Ins


When daylight savings time hits, 8 am classes are a tad less painful with the added sleep in.


Halloween Decorations Everywhere

Rez One is ALL about Halloween -- or should we say #Rezoween. We love hosting events like last year's scary movie marathon, or when we had tenants help us create decorations to add some halloween spirit to our space. Stay tuned for this year's event announcements coming soon!



Sweater Weather

 tenor (1)

We’re sure students everywhere can agree: there is no better time to be in classes than in the fall. It’s the perfect temperature in Waterloo to finally break out those new cozy sweaters you bought for back to school season.


Reading Week


Reading week is the perfect chance for students to explore the city without the stress of classes!

The break (October 8th - 12th for Laurier, and October 9th - 10th for University of Waterloo) is the ideal opportunity to head home to visit family for a few days, and then spend a couple extra days in the city playing tourist.

After all, Waterloo is full of events around this time a year! In addition to Oktoberfest, the city also has Waterloo Central Railway who hosts events like train rides through their annual pumpkin patch.


Local Events

Oktoberfest isn’t the only fall event in Waterloo! Waterloo Central Railway also hosts events like train rides through their annual pumpkin patch.


Rez One Events

It’s always around this time of year that we get particularly festive! We love hosting potluck Thanksgiving dinners at Rez One in addition to other autumn-friendly events for tenants to enjoy! Plus, we’re planning on hosting an epic scary movie marathon and costume contest this year! Rez One will be festive all fall season, serving coffee and hot chocolate everyday starting October 1st. We will also host a snack day every Tuesday at the buildings.

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