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10 Types Of Students On Halloween

Oct 10 ,2018
Rez One Team

There are certain things we can be sure of happening every year: November drags on, fall lasts about a month, and there are specific types of people who manifest every single year on October 31st, Halloween.

Without fail, we meet these students on an annual basis: 

The person who “just had these animal ears in the back of my closet”




The person determined to wear as little as they can


(The Gloss)


The person who has been planning their costume since August 




The person who just actively hates Halloween




The person who is just going to stay in

unnamed (1)



The person who is “just going to stay in”  ... but goes out last minute

unnamed (2)



The person who is having a breakdown because they didn’t plan a costume

unnamed (3)



The person who no one really knows what their costume is

giphy (1)



The person wearing the spooky costume




The person wearing the same costume as everyone else

giphy (2)



Regardless which one of these people are, you're invited to join us at our annual Halloween Movie Marathon on October 31st! No need to sign up, just drop by the Fergus House Theatre Room between 12 pm to 9 pm to catch one of our screenings!

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