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10 Not-So-Scary Scary Movies To Watch With Your Friends

Oct 18 ,2018
Rez One Team

Nothing gets us in the mood for Halloween quite like a good scare. Who doesn’t enjoy a horror movie every now and again… you know, with the lights on.

Not everyone has the stomach for Jason and Freddy Krueger — but why should they miss out on the Halloween movie fun?

We compiled a list of Halloween friendly movies that are just a little eerie, but fun enough to not make us want to jump out of our seats.


Hocus Pocus

Honestly, if you haven’t seen Hocus Pocus -- what exactly have you been doing? This long time seasonal favourite stars Bette Midler, Thora Birch, and Sarah Jessica Parker pre-Carrie Bradshaw. The not-so-scary movie tells the story of three witches from Salem who end up in modern day (the 90s). It has music. It has a talking cat. It has old school one-liner insults. What’s not to love?



Just have a marathon of all of them -- except the fourth when they re casted the main character and gave us all trust issues. These movies follow young witch Marnie as she learns of her witchy ancestry, the world of Halloweentown, and it’s long-time tumultuous relationship with her human world. This is probably one of Disney Channel’s best movie series ever and deserves a re-watch or a watch if *GASP* you’ve never watched them.


Jennifer’s Body

Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried and Adam a trio more iconic. This horror movie about a seductive cheerleader turned succubus is all kinds of insane and there is no better, laughable horror movie to watch with your friends.



This is a classic and requires a re-watch every year around this time. Plus, does anyone else remember pre Stranger Things Wynona Ryder? Not to mention, Beetlejuice makes for EXCELLENT Halloween costume inspiration.


The Craft

There’s a lot to love about this cult favourite. While it’s creepy on all accounts, it’s one of the few scary-esque teen movies to earn icon status similar to The Breakfast Club and 16 Candles.




Okay, we know what you are thinking -- this is the epitome of the horror movie. How does this classify as “not scary?” Well, when this movie was made it was definitely don’t-want-to-shower scary. Now, considering the effects are pretty old school, it’s more of an interesting look at how the horror movie genre has evolved than a truly scary movie.


Practical Magic

This classic starring Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock is jam packed with magic and mischief -- and we love everything about it. This flick follows two witches raised by their aunts who are fighting against a curse preventing them to find love. It has magic, romance, and a creepy curse -- what’s not to love?



This horror-comedy is gearing up a sequel and for obvious reasons -- it reached basically cult level success. Starring Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson this sassy horror comedy is unique in how it blends the two genres, and so well to boot.



This Jake Gyllenhaal movie is one of those films that really straddles that line of thriller and horror. It’s eerie and psychological nature makes it perfectly creepy without the horror movie elements of jump-out-at-you moments and spontaneous gore.


A Quiet Place


This acclaimed horror movie excels at being psychologically thrilling -- and being only slightly terrifying just because of the tension it creates. While it’s definitely scary, it’s one of the more well done horror movies. It will make you break into a sweat of anxiety, rather than leave you jumping out of your seat.


Go ahead, have a movie marathon with your friends -- then join us for our annual Halloween Movie Marathon on October 31st! Drop by the Fergus House Theatre Room between 12 pm to 9 pm to hang out and catch one of our screenings. 

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