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Surviving Your First Winter In Canada

Nov 06 ,2018
Rez One Team

Winters in Canada are notorious for being a bitter cold Winter Wonderland. Once Halloween hits, the wind takes us all by surprise and we reluctantly have to put our leather jackets to rest.

Students tend to get the brunt of this seasonal change; campus gets slushy, lecture halls get cold or overheated, wardrobes get confused, and coffee lines become way too long.

No matter how many times we experience it, this time of year always seems to take us by surprise — and we are rarely prepared. To prevent you from being caught off guard for yet another year in a row, we’re here to help students get ready for the snowfall with these tips:


Invest In A Long, Warm Jacket

Whether you want to invest in a pricer coat from a notable and durable brand like North Face or hit the sale rack at an outlet or department store, you NEED a good winter coat. Down coats are a staple in Canada, but we definitely suggest going for a longer coat that will keep you warm. Especially since you’re probably walking to and from campus almost every day, you’ll want something to keep you cozy at all times.


Buy A Thermos

Even those who can usually pass on a piping hot caffeinated beverage make tea or coffee in the morning. It’s a good idea to pick up a thermos or travel mug so that you can keep your drink and yourself warm while walking to and from classes. Let’s be honest, no one has the budget to buy coffee every morning, or the patience to wait in lines.


Blankets, Blankets and More Blankets

You can go almost anywhere for a soft, cozy blanket around this time of year. Once it gets cold, you’ll want blankets to keep around your suite for when you get chilly. Whether you need it while lying on the couch, or need an extra layer for your bed, a blanket is a must-have. Ones are usually available at Indigo for $25 (when you spend over $50 in store), and budget friendly ones tend to sell at Costco during the season.

Equip Yourself With A Scarf That Doubles As A Blanket

This one is pretty self explanatory a scarf isn’t only good for when you’re trudging through the snow in the bitter cold. Scarves also come in handy in cold classrooms, you can wrap yourself up and stay warm in lecture. Just try not to fall asleep.

Make A Space Heater Your Best Friend

Sometimes a heating unit just won’t cut it, or maybe your suite temperature you all agreed on is just a little too cold for you. A space heater will be your best friend (like this one at Home Depot) to heat up your room when your suite is a little too cold for your liking.


Stock Up Your Bag With a Winter Survival Kit


Around this time of year, every student needs to keep an assortment of crucial items in their bag. These items travel easily and are things that you will need on the daily:

  • Hand Cream: Because no one wants alligator skin
  • Lip Balm: Because chapped lips are never fun
  • Tissues: Because you nose is guaranteed to run when you are waiting for a bus or in a line outside
  • Boot Wipes: Girls, we all know and love those cute leather or suede boots, but let's be real...the salts stains are a struggle. These Boot Rescue wipes will literally come to your rescue this winter.


Suck It Up, Make Sure You Have Hat & Gloves

Okay, no one actually likes wearing gloves but they are necessary. Considering Canada gets cold enough that frostbite warnings are common in the winter, you want your hands covered. Suck it up and do it. There are even gloves that are tech friendly so you can still use your touch screen phones, there’s no excuses.  Hats are easier because all you need is a comfortable slouchy beanie that will add to your outfit while also keeping you warm.


Incorporate Layering Pieces

People who are always hot will tell you that massive jackets and sweaters always fail them at winter time once you get indoors,  you become a furnace. So, layer up. Instead of a big chunky sweater, opt for a chunky cardigan so if you get warm inside a lecture hall, you can just wear your t-shirt.


Make Sure You Have Winter Boots

Again, a lot of your winter will be walking around campus in the snow. You’re going to want a pair of shoes that are comfortable and warm to get around school. We suggest waterproof too, there’s nothing worse than spending your day with soaking wet socks.


On That Note, Spray Yo Shoes!

Without fail, every winter we ruin our favourite shoes with salt stains. Make sure you have a shoe spray on hand to protect your shoes prior to going out in the snow.


Store Clothing That Is Out Of Season

To have a better idea of what kind of a winter wardrobe you’re working with, store all your summer clothing away. Keep some key layering tees and tanks, but it’s in your best interest to do a good closet audit. This will help clear space, and give you a good idea of what items you’re stocked up on and which you may want to grab before the colder weather hits.

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