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It's Almost Canada Day | Checkout Canada's Hidden Gems

Jun 21 ,2018
Rez One Team

Canada Day is almost here, and it's almost like turning 151 is the new 20. So instead of letting you know all about the interesting events going on which we do every year, and which are bombarded to you over the radio every year for the entire month of June, we wanted to do something a little different. Thus, excluding cities and the typical attractions, here are the top 5 places to visit in Canada.


River Surfing Kananaskis National Park, Alberta Canada


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Surfing isn’t just for the open waters. If you’re an experienced surfer (or just learning to surf) this man made surfing destination could just be the spot for you. Nestled in Kananaskis National Park, this surfing spot is actually man made, using nothing but a boulder and thousands of hours of volunteered time. So if you find yourself in the area, or looking for an adventure all on its own, River Surfing in Kananaskis National Park it definitely something to knock of your bucket list.


Sandbanks Provincial Park | Camping and Swimming


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Located in Prince Edward County, near Picton, Ontario, Sandbanks Provincial Park offers an ideal camping retreat. Instead of the traditional forest camping, Sandbanks offers three expansive sandy beaches which are arguably some of the best in Canada, and dunes which you’re not able to find anywhere else nationwide. Out of range to be considered a day trip, the Provincial Park provides camping for those looking for a getaway.


Tofino | British Columbia


Tofino, located coast side in British Columbia, hosts some of the most spectacular views and beaches the world is home to. A day trip from Victoria or Vancouver, Tofino offers a getaway for many, not only across British Columbia, but from across Canada as well. Its long beaches extend for miles and miles, while its waters are host to thousands of islands with endless adventures. If you’re in the mood to to get up and go, Tofino offers some truly unreal surfing, or world-class hiking trails. If you’re looking for some kind of adventure, or simply looking for breathtaking views. Tofino is the place for you.


Bay of Fundy | Nova Scotia


The Bay of Fundy is about as mainstream as you get in Nova Scotia, but to local Ontairons such as ourselves, it’s may seem a little obscure. This UNESCO world heritage site offer spectacular views and whale watching at both low, and high tide. At high-tide, your experience is a little hands-off, having to view the Bay from a distance. But at low-tide, you’re able to walk alongside the base of the spectacular cliffs, and which at certain times of the day, is the ocean floor.


Elora Quarry


Nestled amongst the quaint little town of Elora in Waterloo Region, the Elora Quarry offers a swimming sanctuary out of the city and is a popular spot for Rez-One tenants looking for a day trip. Its pristine waters and white Sandy beach are known throughout Canada, and is even home to past movie sets, most recently being used in the clown horror movie, IT. If school or work is getting to your head, there’s really no better place to retreat to as a Rez-One tenant than the Elora Quarry.




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