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International Students’ Guide to Living in Waterloo

Oct 07 ,2014
Rez One Team


Traveling abroad to another country or continent is likely the first time students have left their families for an extended period of time. It can be very challenging to know you are choosing the best quality student housing in another country because you cannot be there in person to see it for yourself.

Tips for International Students in Waterloo

We’d like to offer a few quick tips to international students coming to Waterloo:

  1. Check out international student programs and associations to support you prior to your arrival, and meet them when you arrive in Waterloo.
  2. Get your Canadian banking in order before you arrive, and schedule to meet with them as soon as you arrive.
  3. Find the best student housing that supports international students. Think about location, amenities, roommate matching and language communication options.
  4. Travel light. Investigate fully furnished student housing options so you won’t need to travel with furniture or buy furniture when you get to Waterloo.

Off-Campus Student Housing in Waterloo

The University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University both have websites to use to find student housing. These websites include:

International Student Support & Programs in Waterloo

You will find many international students in the Waterloo area attending U of W, Laurier or Conestoga. There are many international student organizations and support services to help your transition to becoming a student in Waterloo:

Banking in Waterloo for Students

We can suggest a few banks that are near our properties for your convenience. To apply for opening a bank account, you will need a form of photo identification and a study permit certificate.

1. Rent and Key Deposit Payments:

The most recognized method of rent and key deposit payment is via E-transfer and wire transfer. This is usually required in order to complete the lease signing process.

a. First and Last month’s rent is the amount that you will provide at lease signing confirmation.
b. Key deposit and other extras (for example parking) will need to be finalized prior to move-in.

2. Monthly Rent Payments:

A popular method of rent payment is pre-authorized payment. You can arrange automatic monthly payments for every 1st day of the month, to avoid late payment charges.

Rez-One Supports International Students

Rez-One in Waterloo connects with many international students, especially overseas, so that potential Waterloo, and Laurier students can learn about student housing options in Waterloo.

Taking large furniture pieces abroad or having to come to a new country and buy all your furniture can be expensive and frustrating. Also consider your time and effort to assemble the furniture. For international students, moving into a fully furnished suite eliminates a lot of added on stress.

At Rez-One, we have Client Student Representatives (CSRs) to help you out with the property or with pretty much anything to do with student living in Waterloo. Communication with our CSRs is made easy with CSRs who speak English, Mandarin, Nigerian, Vietnamese, and Bahasa Indonesia.

We make it easy for you to find the information you need to make decisions about off campus student housing in Waterloo:

Rez-One Online for International Students

The Rez-One website is international student friendly! Ask questions and get answers fast with many web page resources:

  • Virtual Tour – If you are unable to come in for a physical tour due to being abroad, that is okay! We offer virtual tours and photo galleries of our buildings. You can see the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and amenities. You can also check out the floor plans to see the layout of the suites.
  • Proximity Map – You will get a great idea of where everything is – grocery stores, banks, shopping centre, U of W, Laurier and Conestoga campuses, pharmacy, hair salon, movie theaters, and parks.
  • Personality Profile/Student Lifestyle Quiz – This survey asks you questions about your personal preferences in order to assist us with matching you with compatible roommates. If you are part of a group of friends, apply early for group leases to reserve your suite and stay together.
  • Online Brochure – available in three languages: English, Mandarin, and French.
  • Blogs – We publish blogs regularly to give tips to students with topics like Time Managementand Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds.
  • Social Media/Email – Stay in the loop on blogs, events, contests and more on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or by signing up for our emails.
  • Book a Physical Tour – A great opportunity to reserve your Waterloo area student housing tour for any date/time that works for you.

Waterloo, Canada is a haven for international students. We hope you have a pleasant experience when you get here.




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